Free WordPress Blog Installation

wordpress blog installationThis is a new FREE service I’m offering my blog readers who want to start their own WordPress blog . I’ve seen a lot of new bloggers not using the full potential of their blog unaware of certain plugins available and the right blog settings.

Here’s how it works:

I’m offering this free of charge because the hosting company will pay me for referring a new customer. So what this means is that the hosting company will pay for this service.

Here’s what you will get:

Full WordPress Installation: WordPress will be installed and configured on your new hosting account


Akismet: blocks spam comments on auto pilot

All in One SEO: makes your blog SEO friendly and get you ranked higher in the search engines

Adsense: makes it easy to put your adsense ads on your blog

Google XML sitemap: this is an XML sitemap generator

Google Analytics: tracking your visitors with analytics

WP Super Cache: your blog will be able to withstand a peak in traffic and will have faster loading pages. This will improve Google rankings as Google measures the speed in which pages load.

Gocodes: Makes external links seo friendly, ideal for affiliate links

SEO Smart Links: Internal linking has a huge impact on rankings. This plugin will help improve internal linking on you website


I will add a few great themes to your blog so your visitors can enjoy reading your content

Here’s what you need to do next:

Go over to Hostgator and signup for a new hosting account.

Here are 2 coupons to get you started:
1.Coupon: couponchris This will get you a discount of $9.94 on your purchase
2.Coupon: couponchris25 This will get you a discount of 25%

I recommend the baby plan and using the first coupon, so it will only cost you $0.01!

Once you receive your hosting login details, just forward them to chrizzie23 @ and I will setup your blog and send you your WP blog admin access details so you can start blogging!

How to Write Good Articles

If you’re just starting out in internet marketing and want to learn how you can write articles and use them to drive traffic to your websites then you should read this article. Research has shown that while there are a large number of people who write articles for traffic, not many of them understand how to convert that traffic and make it work. In this article, we will be looking at a few tips that will help you convert your articles better and get better results.

  • Make Sure Your Headlines Rock

Your headlines are the very first thing people see. If it doesn’t grab their attention, pique their curiosity and generally want to make them click through to see what you have to say in the article, odds are that your articles will not do well. So, if you don’t have any idea of how to write catchy headlines, you can easily grab a copywriting course or two off the internet.

Courses by Clayton Makepeace and Scientific Advertising
will get you on the right path. If you need a shortcut, simply get a hold of as many magazines as possible and start looking for headlines that catch your attention and use them as templates or swipe files.

  • Write fluidly and Conversationally

The average person doesn’t want to read some scientific gobbledygook. They want just the facts and would prefer articles that are written conversationally. Write like you’re talking to them directly. Articles like this tend to convert better and yield far better results. Also, let each subsequent point build on that preceding it. This creates fluidity and order in the mind of the readers, thus leading to a logical conclusion.

  • Be Firm in Your Call to Action

Most articles would convert better if the call to action and author’s resource boxes were written properly. The common ones you see are “John Doe is an expert writer/enthusiast. He has written a few dozen articles on XYZ. Visit his website at”. This kind of resource box suck!

Instead be more creative with your resource box. For example, a resource box like “Did you know that eating carbs can actually help you lose weight? Click here to find out the secret to cheating your way thin without getting rid of your favorite foods” will do a better job of converting the readers.

So, do these three things and you will get really great results.

How to Explode Your Article Readership

If you are writing articles, then you probably want to establish yourself as an expert and a resource person on the fields you are writing on, or you just want to drive targeted traffic to your website using the cheapest means available. Now writing the articles and submitting them to the article directories is the first step in this line. But it does not stop there if you want to explode your readership. To really have tons of visitors hitting your article and thus, your websites, you need to add just a few modifications and you have server melting traffic in no time.

The first step in this direction is getting to know how many webmasters have your articles pasted on their website all over the web. Note that this will take a bit of your precious time but I can guarantee that the pay off would be huge. Do this for a few articles. If you see the same names popping up time and again, then what you can do is get to talk to them. Most website owners these days have their numbers on their websites and you can call through skype from our desktop. Call them up and tell them you wrote the articles on their website and are really thrilled that they like your articles that much. Then tell them that you would be willing to send them every new article as soon as it gets approved by the article directories you want to have them submitted to. This means they would be one of the first few to have them up on their website even when you have hardly started generating traffic from your own submitted articles.

As much as possible, avoid contacting them via email unless you find there is no other means possible. More often than not, you will find that these webmasters would be willing to take you up on your offer. All you have to ask to them is to leave your author’s byline intact while emailing their lists with you article. So, besides your article getting read on their websites, you’ll also be able to get those who are not willing to visit the website but who check their emails frequently to read the article. Now imagine what that would do for you if you had like a 20 webmasters with lists in the tens of thousands.

The question I am sure you are asking is ‘how is this different from just pasting in the directories and having them find it”. The problem is in the word “find”. These guys hardly have the time to look for articles like that. So, they just get the first few acceptable articles they set their eyes on. Now, if your article is not among the first few, they may not find it. So, sending them the articles will not only assure you that your article will get read, but they also will be sure that they are the first few to have the articles.

How to Write Content Rich and Highly Informative Articles

If you are looking for a cheap, no cost way to generate a lot of traffic to your websites, increase your lead quality, and brand yourself as an expert in any industry, discipline or niche, then you would have to write articles. Not just the fluffy, empty articles that you encounter on a daily basis online, but rich, high quality articles that people would be willing to pass on and share with their colleagues, friends, family and loved ones.

The emphasis of this blog post is on producing an impressive article that will definitely get people clicking your author byline and expert url just to see if they could get more where that came from. Now, note that writing a great article doesn’t mean that you have to write like you are gunning for the Pulitzer Prize. All you need is to be able to communicate with people and give them something they need and can start working on almost immediately. Writing excellent articles require a few skills. These skills are the ability to research your articles and get them out in a jiffy, the ability to be able to coherently line up the necessary points, the ability to keep readers reading and the ability to be able to get people to do exactly what you want them to in the article.

Therefore, how can you write such great and compelling articles?

Firstly, learn how to research the articles. This looks seemingly simple because most people feel you can just go online and type in the “keywords+articles” and the results would be impressive. Wrong! You will find that this does not necessarily give you all you need. If you doubt it, do a quick search on “idemise mapmod v2 articles”. If you find anything, please let me know. However, this does not mean that you won’t get substantial materials. What is being said here is it is just not enough. So, what is the solution? Use the message boards, discussion boards, forum, and even “question and answer” communities like blurtit, and yahoo answers. For the message boards, just lurk around reading and studying the lingo and how their problems are solved. You can also use portals like Y!answers to get a quick response to the questions you want to ask. You get the idea. Use these avenues and you will find yourself  writing content rich and information laden articles in no time at all.

Secondly, you want to take a look at very good articles. There is saying that “the prince who must be king must sit in the palace and learn at his father’s feet”. This also applies to any intending article writer. Learn from the best. Read captivating headlines and articles and try to craft your articles in that light and you are most likely going to start churning out wonderfully crafted and well written articles loaded with what your readers require in a very short while.

Article Submission: To Submit to Hundreds of Article Directories or Not

Article writing as a means of promotion has come to stay and therefore, it is common to find many people using this avenue to increase their popularity and to become known all over the web. However, one important question that has been raised in recent times is the issue of either submitting to as many article directories or just a select few. Now, there have been advocates of submission to “zillions” of article directories. While others have stated that it is far better to have your articles submitted to just a few websites. What most of them do not tell is that your submission to a particular number of websites will depend on the purpose behind the submission.

What is the purpose of the submission? Is it just for driving traffic or building website backlinks? These are questions that an article writer must answer before he can start submitting his articles. It only makes sense that if the article is written for the purpose of promotion and marketing, it can be submitted to as many article directories possible. I have heard it said that it would be best that these articles be submitted to the top ten article directories as they are the only ones worth submitting to. In man cases these statements were uttered by the “gurus”. But the truth really is that the gurus do not tell that the exact websites they say don’t submit to, is where they submit to; afterall every single reader is still a potential prospect or client. So, if your articles are crafted for marketing and promotion, get it in as many article directories as possible. As at the time of writing, there are about 700 established article directories with more still being put up on a daily basis. The truth is if you get an average one hundred page views per article directory on a monthly basis, that will translate into seventy thousand visitors on a monthly basis. This is not including the number of authors and webmasters who would have the articles pasted on their websites and blogs on a daily basis.

However if the reason for writing the article is to build your backlinks, then you want to stick with article directories with page rank of four and above (PR 4+). This is because the links coming from these websites are seen as high quality or better still known as links from authority websites. This basically means that the website approves of your website and is stating that it approves of the said website. So, you can see now that the issue is not whether to submit to as many sites as possible, but the motive behind the writing of the articles and subsequently, its submission.

These are my top 10 favourite article directories: