Article Submission: To Submit to Hundreds of Article Directories or Not

Article writing as a means of promotion has come to stay and therefore, it is common to find many people using this avenue to increase their popularity and to become known all over the web. However, one important question that has been raised in recent times is the issue of either submitting to as many article directories or just a select few. Now, there have been advocates of submission to “zillions” of article directories. While others have stated that it is far better to have your articles submitted to just a few websites. What most of them do not tell is that your submission to a particular number of websites will depend on the purpose behind the submission.

What is the purpose of the submission? Is it just for driving traffic or building website backlinks? These are questions that an article writer must answer before he can start submitting his articles. It only makes sense that if the article is written for the purpose of promotion and marketing, it can be submitted to as many article directories possible. I have heard it said that it would be best that these articles be submitted to the top ten article directories as they are the only ones worth submitting to. In man cases these statements were uttered by the “gurus”. But the truth really is that the gurus do not tell that the exact websites they say don’t submit to, is where they submit to; afterall every single reader is still a potential prospect or client. So, if your articles are crafted for marketing and promotion, get it in as many article directories as possible. As at the time of writing, there are about 700 established article directories with more still being put up on a daily basis. The truth is if you get an average one hundred page views per article directory on a monthly basis, that will translate into seventy thousand visitors on a monthly basis. This is not including the number of authors and webmasters who would have the articles pasted on their websites and blogs on a daily basis.

However if the reason for writing the article is to build your backlinks, then you want to stick with article directories with page rank of four and above (PR 4+). This is because the links coming from these websites are seen as high quality or better still known as links from authority websites. This basically means that the website approves of your website and is stating that it approves of the said website. So, you can see now that the issue is not whether to submit to as many sites as possible, but the motive behind the writing of the articles and subsequently, its submission.

These are my top 10 favourite article directories:

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